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Renovations 101: Does Your Home Need Renovations?

When Canadian homeowners have made up their minds about renovating their homes they tend do one of two things;

1. Either scouring the internet for hours and saving every imaginative design they resonate with

2. Or visiting their local renovation company and going over their portfolio of remodels and renovations

While we understand the allure of remodeling your house, the one question that people never stop to ask themselves is whether or not their home requires renovation in the first place!

Yes, this fundamental question is often overlooked and people end up extremely disappointed with the final product when they find that the home improvement project didn’t increase the value, or improve the aesthetics of their homes!

So, it’s very important to ask yourself this very question before you invest in any home improvement project (major or minor). If you find yourself in the same boat and aren’t sure whether to invest in a home improvement project, read this guide to make a more informed and educated decision!

What Are You Aiming For?

Let’s start with the basics; what do you plan to achieve with this home improvement project? Are you trying to make the house more compatible with the needs of your family or housemates or do you just want to raise the market value of your house by few thousand dollars?

Answer this question truthfully as this will help you decide which home improvement project to opt for. Granted, it is possible to achieve both targets with a few renovation projects (like kitchen and bathroom remodels) but you shouldn’t count on it!

Misinformation is Deadlier than Ignorance:

When it comes to home renovations, there’s a lot of senseless information and silly anecdotes masquerading as fact on the internet! For example, you may have heard that bathroom remodels have a 140% return on investment (which is completely untrue if the Cost vs. Value Report of 2017 is to be believed!).

Therefore, it’s of the utmost importance that you separate fact from fiction and don’t base your decision on misinformation. Actively research the financial feasibility of every project before you invest thousands of dollars in repairs.

Define Your Budget and Stick to it:

Now that you’ve made up your mind to renovate the house, you must draft a practical budget. In particular, you should always account for the procurement of raw materials as well as the cost of the services of the remodelling company.

While you may be tempted to adopt the DIY approach, we urge you not to get your hands dirty as home renovations always require an expert’s touch. If you’re looking for cost-effective and premium quality remodeling services in Mississauga then the AffordableRennovations team would love to help.

We don’t compromise the functionality of the final design and still keep the final price tag low. Our expert team specializes in bathroom and kitchen installations and can even remodel entire offices in no time!

Contact us today to learn more about our unmatched remodelling and renovation services!

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