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Bathroom and Kitchen Installation Mississauga

For majority of homeowners the kitchen can either make or break a house. The kitchen plays a vital role in our daily lives, as we constantly use this space to prepare meals for our families and bond with our loved ones. Two key factors to consider when renovating your kitchen are space and appearance. Here at RHS Contracting Services we are committed to build you a dream kitchen that not only satisfies your practical needs but, it is also aesthetically pleasing.


We start this process by consulting with our customers to grasp a firm understanding of the design and materials they envision for their new kitchen. Cabinets, counter tops, flooring, and appliances are some of the main aspects that we focus on to improve the functionality and appearance of this space. Once we have reached common understanding with our customers, then we begin to remove the existing kitchen and install the new one. From the beginning to the end stages of this process we perform to the highest degree  of quality workmanship to ensure that our customers will be satisfied with the final product. When it comes to your new kitchen installation we'll manage all the necessary work. From the design and material selection stage to removal of debris we'll  do it all. This includes complete removal of the existing kitchen and appliances. We then install your new kitchen as per your desired design; cabinets, flooring and all. To learn what we can do for you give us a call today. Let us start designing the kitchen of your dreams.

The bathroom often serves as a space where we begin and end our day. A sensible yet elegant bathroom can ensure that you start your day on a positive note and end your day looking forward to the next. Furthermore the bathroom can be the last place of refuge where we can get away from the daily grind to enjoy some relaxation and  privacy.


To this end, every bathroom we install starts with a great design. Our focus is not limited solely to aesthetics, but also functionality and effective use of space. We believe a successful bathroom renovation project is one that produces results that are both beautiful and practical. Factors such as size and physical space, layouts, existing plumbing arrangements and proper material selection must be considered thoroughly and carefully.

Our skilled and knowledgeable craftsmen are ready and able to help you create the bathroom you be have always wanted.  we are not focused on the size of the project rather we aim to deliver perfection. From changing of  a simple vanity to  installation of the most complex custom shower enclosures and skylights; we do it all.

When you think Bathroom Renovations, Think RHS Contracting Services where you can find a solution to your bathroom needs. Give us a call today and let us give you some free advice.​

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